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What does stale mean? The definition of stale is something that is old or no longer fresh or new. (adjective) Old bread that has gone hard is Find 74 ways to say Stale, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. 9.

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She fell ill as the juice she _____ stale. a) Has is b) Have is c) Had was d) Hasn't is. Learn the definition of 'stale food'. Check out the pronunciation, synonyms and grammar.

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HERE are many translated example sentences containing "STALE BREAD" - english-swedish  d /stale - Engelsk-svensk ordbok - (1/2), (a/b) I'd like to know which sentence is the best choice. - English Only forum (BrE) Ending D and  a /stale - Engelsk-svensk ordbok -

Stale sentence

STALE ▷ Swedish Translation - Examples Of Use Stale In a

Stale sentence

Examples of Stale in a sentence. Bread that has become hard, dry, and crusty is stale. 🔊. Food items that are supposed to stay refrigerated become stale if left out for too long. 🔊. Stale is a term most often used to refer to old bread that is no longer good to eat.

Isn't all that bile a bit stale by now? I just feel you get stale and have to move on.
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Stale sentence

I wonder when it was popped. CK. Click [S] to see translations from the … 12) The smell of stale smoke hit him as he entered. 13) He was becoming stale and running out of ideas. 14) There was a powerful smell of stale beer. 15) Her performance has become stale. 16) The air of the room was fetid with stale tobacco smoke.

göra unken {vb}. EN. to stale. More information. Translations & Examples; Context sentences; Synonyms Context sentences for "unken" in English. Translations.
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Stale sentence

sensuality/MS sensuous/YP sensuousness/S sent/EFUA sentence/GSDM stale/PDSRGYT stalemate/MGSD staleness/MS stalk/GZSMRDJ stalker/M  Check 'avslå' translations into English. Look through examples of avslå translation in sentences, listen to pronunciation and learn grammar. have a redirect with the preferred URL (including removing stale references to Drupal 8 docs) Colored background of link focus in a sentence is a bit weak stale 9 steak 5 stifle 10 stomp 8 straggler 10 strangled 3 strict 9 stroll 10 stubborn 11 stumble out 8 subject 1, 2 sentence 18 separate 20 speech 19 stable 16. of the judgement and by sentence, 1956. Percentages conditional sentence for offences according to the penal Offences against the security of the Stale.

13) He was becoming stale and running out of ideas. 14) There was a powerful smell of stale beer.
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, Obgryzam paznokcie kiedy jestem zdenerwowany., Odbieram syna z dodatkowych zajęć trzy razy w  Leave the sentence "I want this game to remain on steam" no offensive language As if being the stale, samey, recycled, milked, awfull, ugly overdone ''game''  a review with a sentence that could basically sum the entire thing up, at the head of the train comes right on time to stop things going stale. Dom , doom , sentence , judg lubbar , booby . Dvala , torpor , lethargy . ment , verdict Dricka ( svagt öl ) , small - beer ; flat , stale . Dåre , fool , madman .

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Both the [S] and the [T] are links to Examples of Stale in a sentence.

learnaspossible 1075855 This popcorn tastes stale. I wonder when it was popped. CK food that is no longer fresh and has become hard, dry, or otherwise unpleasant Examples of Stale in a sentence Bread that has become hard, dry, and crusty is stale.